Alena Croft

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  • August 25, 1981
  • AZ, USA
  • 120lb
  • 5'5"
  • 34DDD-26-38


With her golden blonde hair, perfect titties, and sultry eyes, Alena Croft has the pornstar look down pat, but it's her insatiable love of dick that really sets her apart. Sure, most ladies love having their pussies pounded, but few are as cock-hungry as Alena. Miss Croft has a vast collection of sex toys that would please any average libido, but after fucking each and every one of her dildos, this horny hussy still can't get enough. Looking to satisfy her intense sexual needs, Alena has taken to hardcore pornography to get her fill, conquering the world of orgies and becoming a true gangbang goddess.

When she isn't having her titties fucked and her pussy pounded by every dude within a five mile radius, Miss Croft is all about fixing things. There's just something about getting her hands dirty in the workshop that really excites this busty beauty. And she's no amateur with the power tools either. When Alena is on the job, no screw is left unscrewed and no gap left uncocked, because this luscious lady is one thorough handywoman!

Despite being the lady you call when you've got a problem, Alena is so much more than just a horny tinkerer. She's a beloved and successful pornstar with some pretty good advice for the naughty newcomers looking to become XXX all-stars. In Miss Croft's eyes, the key to stardom starts from within. You've got to have a positive attitude about yourself, and take the positivity to the set every day. Strong, confident, and independent, Alena has used her self-assured spirit to grab the industry by the dick and jerk it for all it's worth!

Aliases : Alena Croft

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