Damon Dice

Damon Dice's details

  • February 8, 1988
  • California
  • 180lb
  • 5'10"


Damon Dice says the secret to his success is simple: "Keep your dick hard, and your mouth shut!" But this gorgeous guy is just being modest. Besides maintaining no less than a six pack at all times and getting hard at a moment's notice, Damon has to have some pretty serious stamina to keep up with porn kingpins like Keiran Lee and Johnny Sins. Competition is stiff, and with all the beautiful women hanging around, holding back can be tough. But cumming on command is this handsome hunk's job, and he takes it very seriously. Yoga, meditation, and a whole lot of concentration can help, but you've got to be a real stud to make it to the money shot. That's why Damon gets paid the big bucks, and it's how he's made it to the top tier of male talent. Now that he's gone pro and started shooting for everyone from Brazzers to Digital Playground, this strapping stud is living it up Porn Valley style. Being a porn performer is probably the best job in the world, and dudes everywhere are fighting for the chance to become the next XXX idol. Only the best of the best are successful, and luckily for Damon, he's one of them. He's proved himself on camera, and now he gets to reap the benefits of his sweet sweet porn dollars. When he's not banging the industry's finest, Mr. Dice lives a life of luxury in LA, spending as much time as possible by the water. He enjoys fishing, boating, or just chasing fly honeys on the beach. He fucks hot broads at work, fucks hot broads on the beach, then goes home and fucks hot broads all night long! What better life is there?

Aliases : Damon Dice

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