Evan Stone

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  • July 18, 1964
  • Dallas, TX, USA
  • 200lb
  • 5'11"


A living legend and a star in every sense of the word, AVN Hall of Famer Evan Stone has been in the booty biz for over a decade, watching others come and go, standing firm as the reigning king of porn. His goal is simple: to fuck every pussy out there for as long as it stays fun. And what red-blooded man could ever get tired of banging fine ladies every single day? The fact is this handsome piece of man-meat is on a raunchy roll, and that notorious stiff rod will stand tall until the end of time!

Before porn, Evan worked virtually every job under the sun, from manual labor to office work, until he landed himself a gig as a stripper. Successful right from the start, earning huge amounts of buzz for that ripped romance novel bod, Mr. Stone toured the country with his troupe of muscled men. The ladies loved him, and the talent scouts were nipping at his feet, so it wasn't long before this hot hunk put that raw talent to the test on the steamy screen, and it sure paid off!

Evan has since lived the wild life of a big-time Hollywood celebrity. He's been the recipient of eleven AVNs, seven Best Actors, six Male Performer of the Years, and he's even been inducted into two Hall of Fames. These days he's still going strong, writing, directing, producing, and acting in his own sexy smut, carrying the torch for Casanovas everywhere, but most importantly he’s still fucking pussy every single day!

Aliases : Evan Stone

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