Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey's details

  • November 21, 1980
  • Tennessee, USA
  • 195lb
  • 5'10"


For a male performer you can count on to make babes spread their legs and get right down to business, look no further than Bill Bailey. Blonde-haired and blue-eyed with boyish good looks, Bill's got countless women both in and out of the porn biz who'd jump at just about any chance to get fucked by him. And once he's in the buff, the only thing ladies find more impressive than his sculpted bod is his big strong cock!

Born and raised in Tennessee, this charming southerner began banging broads on film in 2009. Naturally smooth and cool under pressure, Bill could think of nothing he'd rather do more than fuck beautiful women for a living. With his muscular strength, sexual stamina, and meaty shlong, he's confident in his ability to carry a scene and, judging by the over 150 X-rated film credits to his name, it seems the industry is too. And when it comes to making his leading ladies' cum, Bill always knows how to give them a proper pounding for maximum pleasure!

Though he comes off as a real macho man in his scenes, this mighty-dicked dude admits to having been quite the comic-book nerd growing up. Fitting, then, that he's been chosen for heroic parts more than a few times and was even cast as Aquaman in a Justice League porn parody. So although Bill may not be fighting crime in real life, his talent for getting chicks wet and wild still makes him one of our favorite well-hung heroes!

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