Ramon Nomar

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  • January 9, 1974
  • Caracas, Venezuela
  • 200lb
  • 6'1"


When asked if his accent helps get him get laid, Ramon Nomar's response just about says it all: "what do you think?" Born and raised in Venezuela, Ramon's Spanish lilt alone could get a gal to spread her legs, especially when coupled with his sharp wit and natural charm. But even more than his bravado and hot bod, it's this tender stud's dedication to making women orgasm that's won him a legion of fans. And according to Nomar, seeing them squirm with pleasure is exactly what gets him off as well. "I love everything: the shaking, the goosebumps, the squirting, whatever!"

Having discovered his passion for pleasing pretty ladies early on in life, Ramon joined the adult film industry in 1997 after attending an open casting at the Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival. Impressing the prolific Italian porn director Luca Damiano, he landed the role and his career quickly took off from there. With his versatile appeal yet distinctively sensual and intense performance style, Nomar began shooting scenes all across Europe before eventually bringing his enormous cock over to the USA. After well over a decade in the biz, not only is this well-hung hunk still going strong, but he's managed to become one of the most recognized male talents in the world! And after performing such an invaluable service for pervs everywhere for so many years, it's only right that he's been honored with countless adult industry awards over the years, from winning the Hot D'or Award for Best New Actor in 1998 to not one, but two AVN Awards in 2015!

When he's not busy making some cinematic magic on set, Ramon loves to sit back and watch some Hollywood classics himself. Considering how masterfully he's able to act out any role, it's no surprise this gorgeous guy's a film buff! The incredible size and strength of his cock, however, are 100% authentic, so to see a real Spanish stallion make the hearts of some of the industry's sexiest starlets race, don't miss his super hot sex scenes.

Aliases : Ramon Nomar

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