Charles Dera

Charles Dera's details

  • December 21, 1978
  • Morrisville, PA, USA
  • 204lb
  • 6'0"


From modeling to stripping, to fucking broads on film, Charles Dera has never had a problem cashing in on his good looks. A born ladies man who could charm a woman's wallet open almost as fast as her legs, Charles is the kind of straight-up stud that chicks can't resist and other men want to be. And once you've seen his dynamite performances in the sack, you'll know that this randy Romeo is more than just a pretty face! Though he made his official pornographic debut in 2005, at the age of 27, Charles was already a certifiable panty-dropper before he'd ever even stepped on a set. Initially working as a male model in mainstream magazines and commercials, Charles gradually moved on to stripping and quickly became an expert at pushing all the right buttons for his female clientele. While touring with the iconic touring exotic dance troupe Chippendales, an adult talent agent saw his sculpted bod and slick moves and knew he was made to make porn. And as it turns out, they were right: Charles has been dipping his big dick into the world's hottest and horniest chicks ever since, and enjoying every minute of it! With his chiseled physique and firm belief that life is one big adventure, it's no surprise that Charles has worn quite a few hats outside of the entertainment industry as well. Not only did he serve as a US marine for 3 years, but he also has a deep passion for mixed martial arts and aspires to be a champion fighter one day. If he's as fiery in the ring as he is between the sheets, we're sure he'll do just fine, so check out this hot and horny heavyweight's X-rated scenes below!

Aliases : Charles Dera

Photos: Mortal Kombat: A XXX Parody photo Mortal Kombat: A XXX Parody photo Mortal Kombat: A XXX Parody photo Mortal Kombat: A XXX Parody photo

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