Tommy Gunn

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  • May 13, 1967
  • Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
  • 185lb
  • 5'8"


Like his name would imply, Tommy Gunn is an absolute cannon in the sack, able to bring the heat for hours on end, and shoot a massive payload on command. If you've ever watched internet porn, then you've definitely seen this ace pipe-layer driving his co-stars on the fast lane to Pleasure Town. Since he first dipped his wick in 2004, Tommy has shared the screen with top talent, going to bed with all the hottest, wildest women in the adult industry. The stats don't lie either, as Tommy has taken home dozens of industry awards for his impressive X-rated videos, including seven AVN Awards (including the 2005 AVN for Best Male Newcomer!). When you need a respectful and raunchy performer you can rely on to get the job done, while making your female talent scream for more, Tommy Gunn is your best bet.

It's hard to think of another male performer as ripped and sculpted as Tommy, whose torso and limbs seem carved from a solid slab of hardwood. Tommy's healthy, spiritual lifestyle and commitment to staying fit go much further than skin deep. You see it in how this swingin' dick goes the distance, pounding pussy with the force and power of an oil derrick. And if you want a modern-day example of a renaissance man, look no further than Mr. Gunn, as he makes a point to seize life by the balls and learn new skills all the time. There's little he doesn't know how to do, and spends his leisure time hunting and fishing with his best friends, and doing handyman projects in his workshop. Tommy is a capable welder, and has brought many of his creative visions to life, such as a pimped-out war van for the apocalypse, and wacky racers to cruise the Nevada desert in style. Don't wait any longer, check out Tommy's scenes to see how a man who's as soulful as he is sinful goes to town on good pussy.

Aliases : Tommy Gunn

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