Seth Gamble

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  • April 29, 1988
  • USA
  • 160lb
  • 5'11"


A naturally strong performer, Seth Gamble has always dreamed of being an actor. So when he realized there was a way for him to both act and get all the pussy he desires, he knew that pleasing sexy starlets on screen was his destiny. And with a lean sculpted bod and meaty member like his, there's nothing stopping him from living his dream! Born in Hollywood, Florida, Seth was known as a jock with a badass attitude back in school. Realizing early on that he could cash in on his boyish good looks, he began mainstream modeling and, with his sights set on the slightly more glamorous Hollywood of the west coast, relocated to LA. It wasn't long before he began stripping as well, picking up moves that could fill any lady's loins with lust. Realizing he had everything it takes to make it in porn, Seth got his start in 2012 and has since proved to be one formidable force in front of the camera, with a big thick cock as strong as his acting skills. Both are so mighty, in fact, that he's even been cast in just about every pornographic blockbuster you can think of, playing iconic roles that range from Luke Skywalker to Thor! When he's not banging broads on set, this cocky clit-master can be found taking home the gold at the industry's top award shows, including the coveted AVN Award for Best Male Newcomer. And when he's not busy hitting the erotic red carpet, Seth can be found studying the acting greats in his favorite old western films. No wonder he's got such a great handle on his pistol!

Aliases : Seth Gamble

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