Sarah Banks

Sarah Banks' details

  • April 23, 1997
  • Calabasas, California
  • 105lb
  • 5'0"
  • 32-25-35


If you entered the formula for the perfect starlet into a pornstar making machine, the final result would be Sarah Banks. Raised in Porn Valley, Sarah's more than comfortable around smut, and even dated a few performers before breaking into the biz. After graduating with her associate's degree at the tender age of 18, Sarah's life was at a crossroads and as she contemplated life, she realized what her dream job would be. It was so obvious, and had been there all along: Sarah Banks was destined to become a pornstar!

Ms. Banks discussed the idea with a few of her industry friends, then decided to google how to become a pornstar. The California babe quickly stumbled upon an agency, and a star was born. Within a year of active shooting, Sarah had performed in genres such as ebony, interracial, teen, group sex, hardcore, and her absolute favorite: anal! Sarah is an ass-fucking addict, and quickly earned the nickname "ebony anal queen." "I love anal," said Banks, "I’ve been doing it since before I got into porn and now I can just do it with everyone I used to masturbate to."

Having launched a successful smut career, Sarah still remembers her roots. "I'm very sweet and I'm a total dork," she says, though she makes it clear she is not someone to be messed with. Banks much prefers getting messy, whether that's with a thick load on her big fake tits, or all over her inked-up ass. Sarah has the words "beautiful" and "blessed" tattooed on her ass cheeks, which is appropriate, because pervs worldwide feel blessed they get to see Sarah's beautiful ass bouncing up and down on a thick cock! As smart as she is sexy, Sarah Banks is the perfect combination of brains, beauty, and bona fide sex appeal!

Aliases : Sarah Banks

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