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  • November 30, -0001
  • USA
  • 209lb
  • 6'2"


Sean Lawless has a gigantic dick, but you already knew that. The fact is, Sean has one of the biggest, most recognizable cocks in the porn game today, with a reputation far and wide for satisfying the world's hottest women. But as proud and powerful as his dick is, it isn't the only thing that makes him tick. At 6 feet, 2 inches tall and seemingly made of pure muscle, Mr. Lawless is an impressive physical specimen, and he always has been.

Even back in school, this fine purveyor of penis was scoring all over the place; with the ladies, of course, but also on multiple athletic teams. And whether it was on the football field, the basketball court, or yes, in the bedroom, this towering beast of a man was forever breaking records and hearts. But that doesn't mean he takes himself too seriously. "My body is not a temple," he says, "It's a theme park!" And you can tell that this is one guy who absolutely loves his rollercoaster ride through life, be it traveling the globe to bed babes or taking part in his favorite pastimes.

Because he works so hard and so frequently on set, Sean makes the most of his free time, which he likes to spend producing music in his seaside studio, honing his eye for photography around California, or chilling at the beach and languidly watching the waves come and go. Of course, he isn't one to rest on his laurels, and is always picking up new skills or doing things to better himself. "If I'm not learning I'm bored," he says. "Or having sex, I like sex too." He certainly does, and luckily for Sean Lawless and his many online fan clubs, he is very good at having it. If you haven't seen this big-dicked friendly giant work, you are definitely missing out!

Aliases : Sean Lawless

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