J Mac

J Mac's details

  • March 12, 1985
  • Florida, USA
  • 178lb
  • 5'1"


J Mac is one of the most recognizable men in porn today, thanks to a huge cock that's the stiff stuff of living legend! In fact, J has starred in so many films and scenes since coming into the business, that he arguably has the industry's most prolific dick. Of course, even with the sheer amount of women he has bedded, you still have to be a special kind of lady to lay with J Mac. He is simply so hung that many women cannot accommodate him. But that doesn't mean he's a bad fit! In fact, thanks to his potent package and mythical stamina, if any one person was born to do porn, it's J Mac.

Outside of the industry, this Florida man is a quintessential dude; the kind of guy you'd love to have a drink with, and whose stories of staggering sexual conquest would make even the brashest bro blush. Born and raised in Miami, when he's not pounding pussy on-set, J Mac spends his time living the dream in other ways. He loves bashing the waves on a powerboat or million-dollar yacht, tearing up the tarmac on one of his custom four-wheelers, or partying it up poolside with celebs from porn, Hollywood, and the music industry. A huge fan of mixed martial arts and basketball, J can also be found cage and court-side, or flexing with the best of them in his never-ending quest for body dominance at the gym.

His legendarily long shlong may have gotten him the job, but J Mac has become an industry icon thanks to his dedication to the craft, and committing himself to the insanely fun lifestyle it brings. Known far and wide for the way he rocks a body and a party, J Mac represents the return of the classic pornstar: a hung and hungry bald behemoth who gives you everything he's got. And what he's got is a hell of a lot!

Aliases : J Mac

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