Lucas Frost

Lucas Frost's details

  • February 2, 1991
  • Orange County, CA
  • 165lb
  • 5'10"


All-star athlete. Fitness guru. Male model. Lucas Frost has always been one of those guys who can do it all. Now, he can say that literally, as the most promising new male talent in porn! Born in Orange County, Lucas has been dropping jaws (and panties) for as long as he can remember, generating jealousy from the fellas and landing lusty gazes from the ladies. Thanks to his Hollywood looks, his natural athletic talent, and his sinewy figure, it wasn't long before Lucas got a gig in fashion modeling. But as mesmerizing as his lean, lithe form looked in clothes, it turns out he works even better without them!

With an instantly recognizable chiseled core, Lucas is the pinnacle of vascular masculinity. So it's no surprise that he landed one of the hottest, horniest girlfriends on the planet: pornstar sensation Cassidy Klein. This kinky power couple's live Skype sex sessions soon became the stuff of living legend, and once again, Lucas found himself courted by industry icons; this time, in porn. After only a handful of months in the industry, Lucas is already making historic moves (and we don’t just mean between the sheets). As the first male performer to be represented by the Nexxxt Level talent agency, he has also been celebrated by porn's elite, like multi-award-winning director Jim Powers, who called Lucas "The Real Deal.”

While he may turn up the heat at the gym and steam up scenes with the hottest ladies in the industry, Lucas is actually super chill in his downtime. A fan of fine wine, good coffee, great food, and a stellar pair of tits, Lucas can be found off set eating, drinking, playing with his dogs, and banging / hanging with his gorgeous girl, Cassidy, getting high on each other, and soaking in the heady haze of the good life!

Aliases : Lucas Frost

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